District 15 NJTL Junior Olympic Association

Organized in 1996, as an affiliate of the USTA National Junior Tennis Association, the organization originally conducted tennis activities for Indian River, Martin, Okeechobee, and St Lucie Counties.  Today our tennis activities are primarily in Indian River County, with most of the activities being in Sebastian.

Like all USTA/NJTL chapters, we are a community-based organization, which offers public recreational tennis programs for boys and girls from 6 to 18 years of age. 
Our programming options are a response to the needs of the community and resources present to meet those needs. They may include multiple skill levels and seasons.

One of our programs, which we conduct twice a year, is youth Ralleyball. This co-ed program for second grade to middle school age children creates and maintains a child’s interest in the lifetime sport of tennis by building fun and team spirit into learning; everyone plays, no one is cut, so everyone wins. Other Quick Start junior programs are available after school or early evenings.

We feed into other programs, encouraging the youngsters to be part of the USTA Junior Tennis League, were skill instructions and competition are kept in perspective with the children’s interest and ability. We have been supportive of the USTA schools program and donated equipment and time to insure that they can start and maintain a beginner and advance beginner program. We conduct “After School Tennis & the Constitution” at the middle school and high schools.

Since our inception, efforts have been made to build a bridge from the recreational aspects of tennis to competitive tennis. Includ
ed in our efforts was the support of the USTA Local Excellence Training, (LET) program in each County. Since 1997 we have partnered with the John Danise School of Tennis, Indian River County LET program, and have taken Eight Teams to the AAU Junior Olympic Games. These travels produced many rewards, including medals, one of which was silver.

District 15 NJTL Junior Olympic Association aims to provide a comprehensive training and development system at the local level that is accessible to every interested player.